Ultimate Beaches to visit in USA

USA(United states of America) has many beautiful exotic locations to see and among them are the beaches you need to keep on your bucket list. The most amazing beaches to visit in USA are discussed below one by one.

1) Pensacola Beach, Florida:
a) Here the beauty is to admire the beach and its surroundings the whole day what a pleasure to watch. This beach has longest barrier islands which no other beach has.
b) You can go to the beach with your family for relaxed day and people also come here for fishing at the shores. Another feature of this beach is you have an entertainment system near by the beach only during the summer season.
c) This beach offers two types of experiences one is the relaxed and other is the high noise side of the beach which is the entertainment system as mentioned.

2) North shore Oahu, Hawaii:
a) The beach has huge curls of waves coming toward the shore and extends long in both the directions. This beach is a must visit place for those who are daring and have passion towards surfing.
b) The huge waves are a feast for surfers and for those who enjoy swimming in the beach. This is a bright blue Ocean where you can watch the marine life near to the shore of the beach.
c)But in winter the waves are really big so in order to swim in this water in winter is a big no even though you are professional swimmer.

3) Siesta Key beach, Florida:
a) The beach is rated as number one by doctor beaches and there is a reason why this rated one because the sand is pure white and shines during the day light and children have fun playing with the sand.
b) Whereas the parents can observe the beautiful view which the beach offers and there rocks and reefs are visible in the not so visible ocean water.
c) Most of the people who come here enjoy a dinner in front of beach in glass dining room restaurants.

4) Cannon Beach, Oregon:
a) The beach almost nearby to the forest land. The trees and plantations are mixed with the beach and it’s just a good sight to watch. The grasses, vegetation and sunset is a very good scene to watch at night.
b) Here you can bring your own wine and drive yourself to the nearby town which is an hour journey and sit on the beach drinking wine in one hand and admiring the nature's beauty on other hand.

5) Clear water beach, Florida:
a)The clear water beach was rated the best by Doctor beaches in the year 2008 and still is the best beach at present as thousands of visitors have a look at this place.
b) The beach offers you beautiful sunset celebrations even with option of listening to musicians and artists who entertain us at the beach.
c) The beach sand is pristine and the waters as mentioned in the name itself have clear view through the ocean. If you are an international traveller then you have to apply for esta in order to visit these wonderful beaches.


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